"Central Florida Hyperbaric O2 is proud to work in conjunction with Innovative Children’s Therapy, Inc. to provide an effective combination of HBOT and intensive therapy. We believe that HBOT is more effective for many clients when they are concurrently participating in a focused, challenging, and functional therapy program."

Innovative Children's Therapy offers intensive physical and occupational therapy to children with neuromuscular disorders. Innovative specializes in intensive suit therapy utilizing the Therasuit™ and the universal exercise unit in conjunction with traditional therapy equipment and techniques to construct a program which addresses the unique needs of each child. This method of therapy is beneficial for children with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, developmental delay, post-stroke, ataxia, athetosis, spasticity, and hypotonia.

The dramatically increased potential for a child to progress in the intensive suit therapy environment is amazing. It is not uncommon for children to meet and exceed goals in three weeks of intensive treatment which would typically be set for a four to six month period with in-home or out-patient therapy. Intensive suit therapy can provide the push a child needs to move to the next level in their development.

The therapists who operate Innovative Children’s Therapy are passionate about providing the highest quality therapy for their clients in a fun, comfortable environment. Through play and laughter, they encourage kids to work their hardest and achieve their best. All the therapists are fully licensed in the state of Florida and are certified by the Therasuit™ company to perform the Therasu it™ Method of treatment.

To read what parents who have been through the intensive program have to say, go to: http://www.innovativechildrenstherapy.com/Testimonials.

Please visit www.innovativechildrenstherapy.com for more information on intensive therapy, or call Innovative Children’s Therapy at (407) 679-STEP.