Our Equipment

Our Center utilizes three Hypertec Hybrid 3200 monoplace chambers. These new chambers are ASME/PVHO certified and are in compliance with National Fire Protection Association Standards. The upper portion of the patient is surrounded by clear acrylic, allowing easy monitoring by the chamber operator and for patient comfort. TV/DVD's are stationed in easy viewing positions at each chamber.

In the monoplace chamber, the entire chamber is flooded with oxygen, eliminating the need to wear a hood. After much discussion with our patients and parents, it was our decision to add additional monoplace chambers as opposed to multiplace units, which require the use of hoods. Our chambers are supplied with 100% medical grade liquid oxygen, with each chamber individually controlled. All safety standards are strictly adhered to and monitored.

Our Facility

Central Florida Hyperbaric Center is a freestanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic. We are geared to treat most FDA approved indications, however, we have found that the treatment of non-FDA approved conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and Stroke, have been the most rewarding. We are constantly striving to update our knowledge and documentation of the results of this promising therapy.

The Clinic was established in 1999 to provide legitimate and affordable therapy for those in need of treatment. We have 2,000 square foot facility with a comfortable family friendly waiting area and kitchen. We are located close to downtown Orlando, a Ronald McDonald house , and approximately 40 minutes from Disney.

Professionally staffed facilities such as Central Florida Hyperbarics have the benefit of the highest level of medical care and knowledge in the field of Hyperbaric Medicine. We believe that patients and families considering Hyperbaric therapy need to go through a two-step process. The first step is researching HBOT. There is a lot of information on the web, and we have provided several links to sites that have some of the best literature and research. The second and perhaps the most important decision is in selecting the facility that is right for you. We are sensitive to the cost concerns as well as geographical location concerns, convenience issues, and affordable housing (we utilize the Ronald McDonald House and also have had patients come with motor homes and stay at the Disney Camp Resort!)

Whatever questions and concerns you have about the facility and staff we hope are answered in this website. If not, we invite you to call or if applicable, to make a personal visit to Central Florida Hyperbaric O2!